Top 10 Firearms

With so many bitch ass pieces of shit running amok, It’s kill or be killed.  Grab your heaters, here are the Mex favorites you need to add to your arsenal.

10. Rifle

Time to hunt some bastards or friendly animals with this classic weapon.  Good for all types of encounters.  Hit them right in between the eye with perfect accuracy

9. Flamethrower

Most won’t be able to ever own a flamethrower, but if you do, Mex salutes you.  Give those assholes a taste of what they will be feeling in hell as you burn those suckas dead.  Their death will be a painful one.  Be cautious where you use it though, you might set everything (including yourself) on fire

8. Chain Gun

If you want to mow down a group of enemies, nothing beats the Mini Gun.   Start firing nonstop and watch the bodies fall with this bad mutha fucka.  Its size and weight will slow you down, so hope you have some nice body armor


7. Bazooka

Bring a whole house down with the Rocket Launcher.  Those who did you wrong will have no place to hide as you watch them explode.

6. Handgun

The reliable and easy to handle pistol.  Great mobility while wielding this guy, can make a difference in any gun fight.  Right under your pillow so you can sleep safe and sound

5. Magnum

The magnum has what the hand gun lacks, the power.  Blow a hole to a haters chest with a nice Desert Eagle or you can go western and bust out some fancy tricks with a revolver

4. Sniper Rifle

Whenever a group of killaz are waiting outside your home, its time to grab the sniper and secure a nice position near a window.  Head shot those ungrateful pieces of garbage with this guy and let no one escape their capping

3. Shotgun

Home invaders are in for a surprise.  Once you here trouble, look under your bed, grab your shotty, and start pumping on a fuck face.  Only down side is that it will leave a big mess, but I promise you it will get the job done

2. Sub Machine Gun

Don’t let nobody catch you slippin’.  Grab you a set of twin Uzis and start spraying away.  Make a great escape while leaving a trail of bodies behing you

1. Automatic Rifle

Assault Rifles are king in any situation.  Getting an auto will let you fill a man with lead with just a squeeze on the trigger.  Tactically maneuver through enemy lines and you just might be able to survive to tell the tale G