Top 10 Fruits

You tired of being a big ass son of a bitch and want to start living a healthy life, you came to the right place, because I got you the food you need to be eating to add them good sugars to your life and at the same time clean your screwed up insides.  Here are Mex Top 10 Fruits that he loves.

10. Grapes

Only thing better than eating grapes is having some fine ass princess looking broad feeding you these lil’ balls of goodness.  Eat your grapes, get those anti-oxidants in yo ass playa

9. Kiwi

When you see this brown fuzzy fruit, you think twice fucking with it, but if you grow some balls and dare to slice this guy in half, you will reveal some green goodness.  Eat this sweet and tangy guy for good health

8. Papaya

Refreshing ass fruit.  Even the seeds look pretty damn cool (Until they get annoying and start sticking everywhere).  Very beneficial to your internal health

7. Mango

Mango are very good, buy you might want to grab a toothpick, cuz all that Mango is going to be sticking in between your teeth like if you had Mango hairs growing out of them

6. Orange

Peel an orange to get a delicious snack.  Subsitute that OJ that loaded with sugars with the real thing.  Get your Vitamin C today with an orange

5. Watermelon

If you want to know which fruit is juicer, it is the watermelon (because it is mainly water).   Eat this up to brighten up your day but make sure to spit them seeds out like the statue from the hunchback of Notre Damn

4. Peach

The grand peach.  Eat it all but throw away the giant seed, and the little sales sticker (unless you want to eat that).  They taste good and have a ton of good minerals

3. Strawberry

You can’t go wrong with a good tasting strawberry.  Their unique flavor will have you addicted.  I don’t even know what health benefits this has, just eat cuz its good

2. Banana

Had a lot of potential to be number 1, just the flavor you get out of it doesn’t leave that impact, but can’t deny it tastes good (If you don’t let it get old and dark).  This is a great meal as well, combine it with a lot of things, your cereal, milk and cookies, add some peanut butter to it, put it on your dessert, give it to your girl is she hungry, do whatever the fuck you want with the banana

1. Pineapple

Pineapple be that sweet and juicy fruit that is so good that even your hoes will be able to taste it if you feed her some of your own coconut milk.  Eat this highly alkaline fruit to stay fresh and clean everywhere you feel me