Top 10 Social Justice Warriors

Top 10 Social Justice Warriors

What a great time to be alive, the SJW era.  So many snowflakes, but there are a select few that have went above and beyond the call of duty.  These are the Top 10 Social Justice Warriors, let the triggering begin.

10. Coppercab

This Ginger could be the #1 SJW of all time, the thing is, there is a good chance he has us all fooled and is trolling the shit out of everyone’s ass.  Since nothing is for sure, had to at least add him in the list.  Check out how this White Knight keeps his ground against the Bearded Cracker Gavin

9. Screamer

Here we have a hysteric albino.  After a few bath salts this creature was spotted screaming at a Trump event.  It attacks the surrounding masses by releasing a devastating scream and unleashing the middle fingers at the fascist pigs

8. Shia Labeouf

The kid we knew from that Even Stevens show is long gone.  Now, a seasoned SJW has recruited a cult of Zombies to tell the world that He Will Not Divide US.  Approach the homeless Shia with caution, he can be a little aggressive

7. Trigglypuff

An enraged beast was summoned at a University.  They chose Trigglypuff to keep the hate speech out of her campus.  When stressed, this pokemon throws a massive temper tantrum with a magnitude of 10

6. Super Psychotic Elder

When Trump was inaugurated, the world witnessed the most beautiful thing…a hag’s transformation to a Super Saiyan.  The Green Jacket Goblin channeled all her energy and released a No heard around the world

5. UCLA Banshee

Rare footage of a wild anomaly was finally caught on tape.  Some UCLA students dared to get close to the banshee as she went full retard.  Launching a trash bin at enemies and surrounding herself with vomit, approaching this thing itself is commendable

4. The Young Turks


The Young Turds claimed a spot on this list.  The stars, a behemoth and a lovely little hypocrite trying to force their SJW opinion on you.  Don’t get these guys butthurt, they are known to attack.  In conclusion, there is no saving that ogre, but that chick needs to do something useful like shutting up and taking these nuts

3. Hugh Mungus Bitch

What Da Fuck!!! All started when a Feminist Hindu Bitch approached the legend, Hugh Mungus.  He never expected for things to go south so quick.  All our hero ever wanted was to leave this place and perhaps get some Indian pussy, but his resilience kept him alive and strong during this encounter.  The crazy Hindi was relentless, trying to break him down and get others to detain Hugh Mungus.  In the end, he left victorious.

2. Burger King Manhoe

Orcs, many of them.  Some poor white kids had the misfortune to come face to face with one of them, one from the BK tribe to be precise.  She pillaged their corner for being white privileged assholes

1. AIDS Skrillex & Carl The Cuck

The greatest of them all, all together in their natural habitat.  AIDS Skrillex is not only the face of all SJWs, he is also the king.  Together with his sidekick Carl The Cuck who provides support as backup, AIDS Skrillex confronts white supremacist and defends those who are oppressed like the Urban Zulu for a righteous cause.  Think you stand a chance against these fearless warriors?  Are you kidding me, Bullshit, AIDS Skrillex has done his research and is ready to call out all you Fucking White Males