Top 10 Toys

Top 10 Toys

So many shitty toys out there nowadays, don’t even know what to get for the kids.  Time to let the children play with the real action figures that were cool.  Here are my Top 10 Toys that Mex loved to play with

10. Happy Meal Toys

For most of us average kids, times were tough, so we had to wait for every weekend to get our happy meal with a free toy.  Back in the day, them happy meal toys went harder than a synthetic burger.  Even if they were crappy, the goods inside kids meal were great addition to the bucket of toys

9. Army Men

Whenever you feel like your patient enough to set up a battlefield of Green Jarheads vs. Mexican Tanheads, Army Men are the guys to call.  Have fun killing soldiers off one by one

8. Playmobil

Playmobil is sort of like Legos, but less annoying to assemble.  Let your kids get their play on with these figurines, he will feel like royalty owning a set of these

7. Hot Wheels

Children love cars.  They will give life to them and race them, or fight them like I used to do.  You will have your son out your back for 1 to 2 hours while he caught up in his Death Race

6. Tech Deck Dudes

These thumb looking abominations were revolutionary in their time.  Young cats in middle school taking their tech deck skateboard and performing tricks with their fingers.  when you done with yo fingers, stick the toy so he can ride it out

5. GI Joe

Real young G’s played with GI Joe.  Commander Cobra up to no good, so you got to get them GI boys to save the day.

4. Jurassic Park

Little kids love Dinos.  Get your box of Jurassic park gear and have those raptors and T-Rex devour the human figurines

3. Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the perfect action figures.  Your morrillos will have a blast fighting all these guys.  They look cool, they have unique weapons, and have adjustable limbs so they can maneuver them for combat

2. WWF

What was better than watching your favorite wrestlers get hit with chairs, sledgehammers, and fire hydrants?  You getting to do just that with their miniature representation.  Get a nice ring, and buy some wrestlers, and prepare to have a battle royal with your favorite chest slappers

1. Max Steel

The winner for the best toy you can give a kid is none other than the classic Max Steel.  Your kid will not only play hard with these, he will also be motivated to get that ripped bod and sexy hair.  If they’re like me, they will make the most out of playing with these sons of guns.  They will fight, live life, and still have time to kick it with hoes.  If you got a sister, tell her to bring out them barbies for your homies, cuz these guys going to bend them and hit it doggie style