Top 10 Fighting Styles

Top 10 Fighting Styles

Time to deliver an ass whoopin to your foe with the best combat styles on the planet.  These are the Top 10 Fighting Styles that will leave your enemies roughed up pretty damn bad

10. Wrestling

Relive those days when we used to think wrestling was real and body slam mutha fuckas to the stone age.  A good pile driver will have them laying in the brink of retardation.  Have fun with the choke slams as well

9. Boxing

The sport of boxing.  If you want to feel like a fighting champion let these bullies know you mean business and you want to fight with honor.  Square up and take multiple jabs towards your ass with this one

8. Karate

Get your black belt and get ready to perform a roundhouse kick cuz heads are coming out flying this season.  Karate chop your enemies to death and let them go down in style

7. Jiu Jitsu

If you want to leave your opponent barely breathing, the jiu jitsu style is for you.  It focuses strongly on grappling, and getting a person to the ground and manhandling him

6. Wing Chun

Fight like Bruce Lee with Wing Chun.  Surprise your attacker with a elegant array of hits and kicks that will have him in the floor.

5. Pankration

Let the Greek Gods bless you with the power to send bastards to the Underworld with your bare hands.  Let your attacker know he has fucked with the wrong warrior

4. Judo

Judo?!!!  Make them respect you by dropping dickheads to the ground.  Learn how the body works to know how to effectively manipulate the body of your rival.  After mastering Judo you will be awarded with the rank of Big Boss

3. Akido

You want to survive undercover operations, riots in big foreign cities, or a stick up in the ghetto streets like Steven Seagal, master the harmonious style of Akido.  At first, the contender will be calling your ass out, after 5 seconds of your Akido demonstration, he will say “What Da Fuck” (That is even if you left him with the ability to talk)

2. Krav Maga

Show no mercy with this deadly style of combat.  It will be to late for regrets once you make an example out of the idiot who be acting wild and fucking your bitch.  When your enemy’s life sits in the palm of your hands, only then will you know what true power really is

1. Muay-Thai

Use your body as a lethal weapon and prepare to send your aggressors to the hospital (or the afterlife).  Knees and elbows are your best friend and will also be well acquainted with the moron who pissed you off.  Those unfortunate enough to fight you after training Muay Thai will never forget that moment when they knew they fucked up, probably due to ongoing pain of broken bones or brain hemorrhages