Top 10 Chocolates

Top 10 Chocolates

Mex loves chocolates.  Perfect gift for the lady, and for a Mex.  Here are the Top 10 Chocolates Mex will devour if seen on sight

10. Baby Ruth

This guy hit a home run with this.  You get both the chocolate wonder and the protein filled nuts for them gains.  Best of both worlds with this baby

9. Hershey

The classic Hershey’s bar still good.  If no other signs of chocolates are in your disposal, get a damn Hershey’s and enjoy it, ain’t no other way

8. Reese’s

Reese’s used to be my favorites, but for some reason whoever is manufacturing them now is doing a shittier job and the taste seems more like processed junk.  At least that nostalgic taste can still be savored if you are not too critical when putting these cups in your mouth

7. Snickers

Snickers probably won’t end your hunger, but it will certainly satisfy your sugar cravings.  Everything you need in one bar, chocolate, caramel, and nuts

6. Twix

It’s all in the Twix.  Get the stick and taste it.  Eat them hoes all up.  Now respect it

5. Dove

You can’t go wrong with Dove.  You won’t be scrubbing your pits with these but your tongue will shower itself with this amazing product

4. deLish

Just as the name suggests, these chocolates are delish.  At first they may seem like imitation to the more classy chocolates, but these actually taste better than some of the more expensive substitutes like Godiva or Ghirardelli

3. Brookside

The beautiful round chocolates.  Once you taste one, your taste buds will force your ass to continue indulging on these mutha chocolates right here.

2. Kit Kat

My favorite of the more commercial chocolates.  Kit Kats are addicting.  Don’t listen to them assholes though, you won’t be taking no break between bites of these wafers

1. Lindor

These balls of goodness are the greatest of all time.  The delicious outer layer in the outside, and the creamy chocolate on the inside, makes this one the best.  If you haven’t, go try them, now