Top 10 Mexican Dishes

May be asking yourself, what is the top 10 foods Mexicans eat. Look no further, Mex knows this type of shit. Here are my top 10 Mexican dishes

10. Quesadillas


The basic easy to make Mexican go to.  All you need is a tortilla, some cheese, and ham and you got yourself a quesadilla.  Add some salsa and avocado, and you got a good ass quesadilla.  You can even go ahead and add your favorite meat to it, Taco Trucks won’t have shit on you

9. Gorditas


These fatties will get you fat cuz you won’t want to stop eating them.  Hit up that masa and add your favorite ingredients to it.  Let me share a few combos.  My favorite, some butter con acientos.  There is also your gordita with cheese and beans.  Can’t forget the one with your ham and crema Cacique.  You can also go with your favorite meat added

8. Caldo de Res

Caldo De Res

Favorite soup for a young Mex.  You get that perfect combination of veggies and meat.  Don’t forget the limon y salsa

7. Pollo y Carne Asada

Tired of them barbecues, go Mexican and start grilling some carne asada.  A carne asada ain’t complete with its chicken legs.  Can’t forget to add the Chorrizo and Onion balls to the grill.  Best to make sure you make some Charro beans, I love charro beans, but I’ll just sneak em up here

6. Enchiladas

Can’t go wrong with the enchiladas.  You got the red and you can also go green with these guys.  The red ones go perfect with some chicken as the add on.  Make them even better by adding some fried potatoes.  The green ones go best with ham and cheese

5. Chilaquiles

If I could choose the perfect breakfast, I would choose some chilaquiles con su huevito.  Chilaquiles are great, they can be a little spicy, but just add some crema cacique over that melted cheese, and you good to go

4. Chiles Rellenos

The big ass chiles covered with eggs.  Eat this with a side of rice and your choice of nopalitos and you have yourself a classic

3. Birria

Not a lot of people have had the pleasure to taste the exquisiteness of some well made birria.  There all types but you gotta go with the beef chuck roast if you want to taste its greatness, so spare the goat cuz any other meat may not be as good.  Add your nice side of rice and your choice of nopalitos, again

2. Pozole

The legendary pozole.  All I gotta say for this is grab your chips, and enjoy

1. Tamales

The king of them all, Tamales.  A lot of people have eaten a tamal once or twice, but a few have tasted a truly great tamal.   Throw away that plate of Tex-Mex tamalito with cheese on top, because I got this for you, a mexican tamal, with its mole inside.  So hit up the masa house and eat you some tamales