Top 10 Movies

Tired of watching some shit movies?  Look no further, here are the Top 10 movies Mex recommends to watch.

10. Mean Girls

Is this guy serious, a chick flick.  It ain’t just a chick flick, it is the best chick flick.  We see Lindsey Lohan in her prime along with the other sexy broads going through their high school drama.

9. Kung Fu Hustle

There is something about this movie that makes it great.  Is it the humor, the fighting sequence, a touching backstory, or just the weird shit that’s going on.  Whatever it is, this movie is entertaining as hell.

8. The Mummy

A great film to this day.  The Mummy always kept you on the edge as you followed the gang in their adventure to stop Imhotep.  I should also mention Imhotep’s performance was great, he spewed shit from his mouth that killed people on the spot, ate a scarab who was near his mouth, and kissed the beautiful damsel with his mummy mouth

7. Rambo 4

Burma’s a War Zone (Silvester Stallone voice)  This movie is straight up action packed.  If you love all the killing and dismemberment, this movie is for you.  It brings all the elements from the past movies, his emotions from the first one, the nostalgic similarities from the second, and his spirit to help from the third, put it all together and add way more violence and you have Rambo 4

6. Goldeneye

Not only a N64 favorite to play and kill some scientist or big headed soldiers in DK Mode, but also a favorite in movies.  007 does what he does best on Goldeneye, kill bad guys, deliver a slapper on a female who smart talks him, and punches a guy while he was taking a relaxing shit

5. Jurassic Park

An instant childhood classic.  When you see a movie over 20 times, you know this movie ain’t on no lame shit (or maybe it was the only VHS tape we had)  One things for sure, Jurassic park was ahead of its time.  Great looking dinos, an exciting environment, and a guy getting eaten while taking a dump, what’s there not to like

4. Toy Story 2

The toys do not disappoint in Toy Story 2.  Who would of thought a quest to rescue a toy sold in a yard sale to a guy who wants to ship him with his toy mates to Japan would be so good.  With some intense moments and good laughs, Toy Story 2 done made the cut

3. Shrek 2

This is one of those movies that you can watch more than once.  The story flows so well with no unnecessary fillers that it feels like a short movie. Although the third one was overall funnier, plotwise this is the best in the Ogre series without a doubt

2. Fast Five

Fast Five is not only arguably the best film in the Fast & Furious franchise, it is also #2 in the list of best movies chosen by Mex.  Just with the characters you know this will be one hell of a ride.  The swole ass Vin Diesel, deceased Paul Walker, Rock the people’s champ, and the Asian who died in Tokyo Drift, and all those other characters we learned to love for kicking ass or being fine ass hell

1. Machete

When it comes to the best of the best, you just can’t fuck with Machete. This movie has everything: action, comedy, social commentary, blood & gore, great cast of characters, and Danny Trejo

So those are the Top 10.  If yours didn’t make it it was propably cuz I haven’t seen it, forgot about it, or straight up not worthy to be at the top 10.  Let me know what is your Top 10?